Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to: Install a foot rest (dead pedal), for instance R32 or GTI version

1. Start off by removing the hood release lever. It is done by releasing a clip from behind the lever, near the axel of the lever. Gently pry the clip out with a screw driver. After that pull the lever away, it will come out easily.

2. Unscrew the plastic screw under the hood release lever.

3. Lift the plastic cover on the door step by pulling it up. You don't need to remove it entirely, just loosen it enough so you can remove the plastic cover next to where the hood release lever was.

4. Now that the plastic cover is removed you have proper access to the single screw which fixes the foot rest (dead pedal) to the floor. Unscrew it. Then pull the foot rest upwards to release it.

5. The foot rest is attached with clips like this. It can be released by pulling it upwards.

6. Take the old foot rest out and put the new one in. The attachment is identical. Just do everything in reversed order to put it successfully in place.

Note: To re-attach the hood release lever, first put the clip in the lever and then press the lever in place. You will hear a snap as it gets attached.

7. Enjoy your new foot rest (dead pedal). I hope you found this guide useful.


  1. thank you! it's very usefull!

  2. worked great for me, thank you ;)

  3. Very good post. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Very usefull!
    Thank you ;-)

  5. Hello!
    Its a very good post. I just have a doubt, the plastic cover on the door step its very hard too take off..i couldn't do it. Did you just pull of with lots of strength or it was easy? I have an Golf station mk6.
    The plastic screw under the hood release lever do not screw right again, the plastic cover its making some noise..

  6. Rui, thanks for commenting. The door step plastic comes off by pulling up. Quite easily. This applies to mk5. I don't know about mk6, sorry!

  7. perfect! Works on the B6 Passat as well

  8. thanks a lot very usefull!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Do make sure you cut out enough carpet. Otherwise you'll find it very hard (impossible) to get the dead plate in the right place (shove down to floor).

  10. Worked great for me, thank you ;)
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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