Saturday, April 18, 2009

How to: Replace the gas pedal

1. Pop the plastic lid off beside the pedal, and unscrew the torx underneath.

2. Release the two clips holding the pedal to the floor. See next picture for more info.

3. To release the clips the right hand side clip needs to be pushed left. And the left hand side clip needs to be pushed forward.

4. Unplug the wires at the top of the pedal unit. The plug is secured with a tiny clip, which probably should be released by pushing the white piece on the top. But since I broke the white piece I had to improvise. I shoved a small screw driver from the bottom towards the top, and it seemed to release the plug successfully.

5. Now the pedal unit is loose and you can take it out. Put the new unit in place by doing everything in reverse order. Remember to check your new gas pedal works and the wires are connected properly. And that's it.

You might be replacing the break and clutch pedals aswell. They are a simple matter of pulling the old one off and plugging the new one in. A very simple install. Not sure about the DSG brake though.

I hope the guide was helpful. Comments are welcome.


  1. you wouldn't want to break, but rather brake

  2. @Anonymous: Hehe, thanks. Typo fixed.

  3. thanks mate very helpful cheers

  4. Very helpfull indeed! Especially in light of the warning VW puts in the instructions stating the (accelerator)pedal should only be installed by a qualified technician! I had my clutch, brake and accelerator installed in ~15 min. Thanks again!